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THK Liner Linear motion systems provide world wide excellence in guidance. Whether in machine tools, robots, semiconductor production applications precise measuring machines, medical devices, or computer controlled machines and systems for other industry sectors, THK brings high tech world-wide motion.

 LM Guide



 RSR : Miniature LM Guide
Ultra compact miniature LM Guide
Bears loads in any direction
Stainless steel type available
Provide a highly reliable compact
linear system


 SHS : Caged Ball LM Guide
Four way equal load type
Self-adjusting capability
Global standard dimensions
Low center of gravity and high rigidity.


 CSR : Cross LM Guide
A cross linear motion system
Four way equal load rating
Hight rigidity
Hight performance
Very high precision


 SSR : Caged Ball LM Guide
Low noise
Long-term,maintenance-free operation
High-speed performance and long life
Rolling resistance variation reduced to 1/10 of conventional type

Ball Screw



 BLK : Standard Rolled Ballscrew
A large lead rolled ballscrew bes suited for higt speed feed
Silent operation
Minimised space requirement
Small diameter and long shaft can be used


 BNF : Precision Ground Ballscrew
This type features the simplest desing of all models
With a single nut
Using a return pipe nut construction


 BNFN : Precision Ground Ballscrew
2 nuts are combined with a spacer in between to produce a preload therefore eliminating backlash
High efficiency of 90% or more
High degree of positioning accuracy


 MTF : Miniature Rolled Ballscrew
Non-preloaded type MTF
Miniature type with a screw-shaft diameter of 6 to 12mm
A lead of 1 to 2mm
Low centre axis

 LM Guide Actuator



 KR : LM Guide Actuator
Wide variety
Space saving
High rigidity
Four-way equal load rating
High accuracy


 SKR : LM Actuator with Caged Ball
LM Guide with Caged Ball technology combined with Caged Ball precision ballscrew to provide a actuator
Low center of gravity and high rigidity.
Compact design with rails arranged on both sides


 GL : Linear Actuator
Available with either built in ballscrew or drive belt
Short delivery time
Light weight. Hight rigid
Can be manufactured to specific specification


  VLA : Low Cost Actuator
A simple, lightweight, compact .
Using THK Caged Ball SRS LM Guide.
Using a high performance drive motor
Cost effective design.

 Aplication Sample



Semiconductor and LCD production equipment is required high speed, accuracy and low particle emission, because even the tiniest piece of extraneous substance can cause major faults in the final product. Thanks to their original configuration, LM guides create minimal particles because there is little metal-on-metal contact. As such, they have become crucial the components of semiconductor and LCD


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